1st person singular [I]: a-
2nd person singular: na-
2nd person imperative: nja-
3rd person singular [he/she/it]: be- [only used formally to specify “he/she/it”]
1st person plural [we]: tin-

1st person singular [me]: -la-
2nd person singular: -an-
3rd person singular [him/her/it]: -leb-

1st person plural [ourselves]: -tion-

Past Tense:

Future Tense:

Possessor Prefixes:
1st person singular [my]: o-
2nd person singular [your]: no-
3rd person singular [his/her/its]: bo-
1st person plural [our]: tain-


Normally, words have a flat tone, though when infixed to create a unique word, the first vowel has a descending tone, any tones in the middle retain a flat tone, and the final vowel has an ascending tone.

Reduplicative Plurality and Intensification


Derivational Infixes

In order to create a unique word, the words that are the object of modification are placed outside the word that modifies it.



Measure Words

stars/points of light: zhri


-abe-: [increases]
ameanjol: temple (god house)
ananol: ruin [leave house]
aol: house
-ba-: negation
-baba-: never
-bai-: completed action
beong: bow/to curve/to bend
bequashlilolong: gun
ber: to take
bijeijil: to join
bil: to enter
bim: tiger
brer: new
briq: star
bribrubiq: galaxy [vast star]
brub: vast/million
brumejub: quintillion
chal: beast
chert: mist
chezwart: spring [bearing mist]
chui: seven
chuimuimuibtlet: city of seven ghosts
debiled: open
deiabed: fateful
deomed: hurrying
erert: to constrict
erjaot: to bind [to twist down]
erm: work

ern: yes
ert: to twist/coil
-etle-: city
eweojert: to turn/spin [to twist around]
hab: to separate
heam: just, public
heng: nest/den
hirt: to carry
hom: to love
hwie: room
hwioj: world/boundary/scope
hwishlwae: kitchen [eating room]
hwriam: thing
hwriao: bone
hwrishlwaibiam: feast [continuous food]
hwrishlwa’am: food [eaten thing]
iab: fate
ib: born
-ibi-: continuous
-imo-: empire
ioj: wood
ioweojoj: wheel [around wood]
janj: hero
jao: down/in [in deep/in chains]
je: in/at [locative]
jebae: from [locative]
jeij: to add/plus
jeje: specifically at this location
jemleongij: to triumph/victory [add glory]
jlan: to free/to release
jlazhern: to forsake
jlejleng: dragons
jleming: emperor [dragon’s son]
jleng: dragon
jlezhiming: empress
jliabetlwao: book/codex/lexicon [abundance of words]
jliao: wind
jlijlitlwao: words
jlitlwao: to write/word [mouth-wind]
jlub: alligator
joab: dust
Joqaolab: pollen (flower dust)
jotleab: white/pink
jro: to unite
jrojro: to combine/synthesize
jrujrung: chocolate
jrung: brown color
kabert: mountain [great hill]
kabetzimert: pyramid [man-mountain]
kabiqreijimang: kalidah [tiger-headed bear]
kang: bear
keim: back
keiuom: and [connecting sentences]
kejajanjert: fortress [heroes’ hill]
kel: bird
kelimert: cliff
kert: hill
kert: hill
kez: horse-leader
kian: to become
kiakian: to change completely one’s own identity
lia: likely
liat: brave
liern: every/hundred
liernshean: hundred thousand
liet: to rule
lij: red color
lilij: blood
lim: rock
liniat: warrior
lizhuolim: island [water rock]
lob: front
losueb: before [to use front]
-lon-: diminutive
luoninj: slave
luonj: serve
majshean: ten thousand
manj: east
meanj: god
mej: hand/five
mejbrub: five million
menjerej wil: 14
menjerej: ten/two hands
met: link, to connect
meterbet: chain
metzhianj-tluaning: goddess-qeen
-mi-: [part of/descends from]
mlab: green
mlamlab: verdure/forest
mleong: glory
mli: eye/to see
mlob: face
moz: fowl
muem: puma
muetleib: disgrace [city-ghost]
muib: ghost
mulonem: cat [little puma]
mulonemrenj: cat fur [cat hair]
mulonkangem: panda [bear-cat]
nan: leave
naz: monkey
-ni-: agent noun/ or “to do”
njer: two
nuibot: commoner [born of the people]
nuot: people
om: to go
qaob: calm
qaol: flower
qeonj: rainbow
qnal: to kill
qnaqnal: to commit genocide
qniq: home/kingdom
qnua: horse
qnuzwoa: unicorn
qrababam: to abandon [to never bring]
qram: to bring
qreij: head
qriao: good
qrizhrenao: fortune [family’s goodness]
qrol: if/or
qrung: cowrie/pen
quashlilol: gunpowder [fire dust]
quo: yellow
renj: hair
sen: rest
setun: peace [long rest]
sib: to laugh
shean: many/thousand
sheibiel: war
shel: to fight
shio: one
shlao: medicine/drug
shlil: fire
shling: light
shlwa: eat
slal: friend
slia: clear/bright
sue: to use
tejaonj: valley [down-land]
teng: name
tenj: land
terb: metal
tetzaibenj: fertility [earthy land]
tezwuilerb: iron
tiabeng: to name
tib: bright/to shine
tililijit: bloody
titlwainit: golden
tlan: three
tle: color
tle-_-eb: that [used to indicate specifically]
tleal: wing
tlet: city
tliut: snake
tloa: to hear
tlotloa: to understand/comprehend
tluang: to speak
tluaning: speaker/king
tlwa: mouth
tlwaberin: to plunder
tlwain: gold
tlwatlein: gold color
tol: gourd/vessel
tu: long
tzaib: earth
-tzhi-: feminine
tzhio: woman
tzim: man
tzub: ancient
tzubjaibinj: legacy
tzutzub: primordial/prehistoric
uo: so/thus
waob: foreign/out/outsider
weoj: around
wil: four
winj: cactus
wul: poison
zeng: hot
zeomeng: the sun [it is hot and goes]
zhe: with
zhen: moon
zher: to discard
zheuo: and [connecting different words]
zhlol: money/to buy
zhrao: river
zhren: family
zhrenj: grace
zhrezwilen: ancestor [far family]
zhril: jaguar
zhriwaobil: many colors of the jaguar
zhuilian: should [modal]
zhuimol: ocean [empire-water]
Zhuimoltenj: land of the ocean
zhuin: to answer/respond
zhuol: water
ziet: all/complete
zij: pond
zil: marsh
zizilij: swamp [pond marsh]
zizwaet: to possess [to grasp completely]
zubai: to fall
zui: top
zujei: over
zujejei: capital [specifically at this top]
zwa: to bear
zwazwa: to grasp
zwil: far
zwo: horn
zwuil: silver


“Njalebjlazhern notluaning, keiuom njalabijeijil
Keiuom tinzetionkian jemleongij temeanjenj zujei
Aerert keiuom aerjaot iaianib tezwuilerb meterbet jao,
Keiuom aeweojert kwrizhrenao boioweojoj omejian
Keiuom zeomeng zhuilian bezubai jebae bozeomeng
Lobue azekian Tlwaberin tililijit kwrol timuetleibit”

[Forsake him your king, and join me
And we will provide ourselves victory over the world
I constrict and I bind the Fate-Ones in iron chains,
And turn Fortune’s wheel provided by my hand;
And the sun should sooner fall from his sky
Before Tamburlaine will become bloodied or disgraced]

Forsake thy king, and do but join with me,
And we will triumph over all the world:
I hold the Fates bound fast in iron chains,
And with my hand turn Fortune’s wheel about;
And sooner shall the sun fall from his sphere
Than Tamburlaine be slain or overcome.

Tamburlaine Part 1, Act 2, Scene 1