Noun/Pronoun Conjugations

an-/am-: i
ein-/eim-: we
ran-/ram-: you
rein-/reim-: you (plural)
run-/rum-: you (formal)
tan-/tam-: 3rd person singular
tein-/teim-: 3rd person plural
+os: imperative

possessive: -on

Genitive: -bon
Superlative: -irmo
Collective: -omb
Plural: -ei
Reflective: -we

Animate Ergative Noun: -ngs-
Inanimate Ergative Noun: -nz-

Animate Absolutive Noun: -mbs-

Inanimate Absolutive Noun: -mz-

Agentive: -alan; verb>noun [used more often in lower class form than in higher class form; in higher class: used only in names and conceptualizing a state of a verb, ex. monz [to kill]+alan=monzalan [murder]]
noun>verb: or

Verb Conjugations

Causative/Inchoative [make/become]: -benz
-Negative Causative/Inchoative [cannot become/cannot make]: umbenz
Chromatic: -(u)lb
Contrafactual: -nzu
Hortative: -in
Processive [to go/went _]: -som
Subjunctive: -otz


-wa- [temporary]
-undwa- [not]
-gwei- [habitual]
-ungwei- [never]

purposive [will]: -ngso
present: -lba
past: -alng
+r: question

wangso: will for a moment/will at that moment
walba: is for a moment/is that moment
walng: did for a moment/did at that moment
gweingso: will always
gweilba: is always
gweilng: was always

undwangso: will not for a moment/will not at that moment
undwalba: is not for a moment/is not that moment
undwalng: did not for a moment/did not at that moment
ungweingso: will never
ungweilba: is never
ungweilng: was never

locative verbalizer suffixes:
-(o)xpo [in]
-(o)rmo [at/to]
-(o)nzo [on]
-(o)gro [by/with]
-(o)do [from/of]
-(o)vio [through/over]

Noun Modifier

Since Pimbzarblan does not have an agentive case, it makes use of the construct state in order to form a word describing a verb-to-noun entity (including a person, animal, place, etc.); as opposed to -alan, which is used to refer to the shift from a verb to a state of a verb or an abstract noun.
-quor-: who
-quorm-: whom
-quorbon-: whose
-ita-: that
-(o)lto-: where

-(o)xpolto>(o)splo>(o)lsp: locative case [used to specify a settlement]


als: to gather
alxpo: to collect [to gather in]
ama-: face
aniga: to begin
anja: to touch
anxi: eagle
anzalan: journey
anzquili: to travel [to walk there]
anzu: to walk
arb: to build
ardsa: ant
arito: breath
arnza: to marry
asquar: to grow
asqui: great
asquing: megacontinent [great land]
asquipnolngi: didgeridoo
asquixamba: lake
athron: to farm
athronalan: farm
avata: to change
avazar: to chase
ax: to serve
azix: grape
ba: for/thus/because
baqualsongor: to fire a gun
barnqua: beard
beng: sun
benzarulan: image [state of making like]
bia: to caw
bodo: dot
bodor: to dot
bungu: heart
bupu: fool
bupur: to act foolishly
dando: sword
dara: sea
deig: king
deigalngquorlsawomb: emperor
den: test
den: to sell
denalan: money
deno: to see
denor: to test
denorlan: temptation
diquanzalan: destination
diqui-: to end/complete
domexe: pet
domxor: to love (a pet)
dondoro: to smell
doquo: toad
drigri: to strike
dsadula: to stain
dsanta: war spear
dsar: to spray
dsed: seven
dsen: born
dsil: son
dsila: daughter
dsilnga: hunting spear
dsubo: to swing/brandish/shake
dsunsquanxpo: hot dog [sausage within bread]
dsunz: sausage
du: two
duan: sweet
dulonx: swamp
dunda: twenty
dunzo: swan
dur: tooth
duror: to bite/eat
edsaha: rest
edsahar: to rest
edsaharlan: peace [state of rest]
eind: east
eiz: air
embe: goodness
eze: heir
eze: yet
fangra: implement/utensil
fangror: to forge
ferg: to hit
flinqui: cold
fulto: truth
garns: city
gavinza: room/chamber
gavo: to watch
gavodo>odavis: to wake [from watch]
gi: then
gidi: to sit
go: to give
goho: river
golan: gift [state of giving]
golanor: to reward
gong: milk
gora: return [to give again]
gorm: hound
gozu: to bark
gra: to bring
grodrigralan: conflict/war
grodrigralaniti: battle [little war]
grom: with
gromxod: colleague
gromxodamb: guild
groniga: to commence (to begin with)
groso: to go with/to accompany
gthie: fear
gthoda: road
gu: sand
guho: brave
guhor: to brave
guolo: to swim
guro: to wear
han: man
hana: woman
hangsaquordeno: oracle
hangsaquarnado: Muse [woman-who-thinks]
hangsquorsadsogro: priest [men who enforces custom]
hangsquarsazor: herdsman
hilo: to view
hilse: to appear [to view self]
hunolo: low (of value)
inth: before
inti: love (familial)
intor: to love familially
intorlan: admiration
isquili: there
ita: that
-itenxum/-quardenxum: upstart [sells-up]
iti+: diminutive
itornor: heavy [that burdens]
jia: to revere
jialan: holiness
jiwa: to pity
kasp: wild
kaspusquo: dingo [wild wolf]
kiramarmalan: prominence
kiramarmo: to be prominent [to show a face at (any)]
kiri: to show
kirisquili: to point, indicate [to show there]
kirjiwa: to forgive [to show pity]
kirundinti: hate [to show no love]
kngsopsambsodo: tragedy [song of the goat]
knodsi: song
knuran: worth
ksalnga: pigeon
ksam: together
ksamba: pond
ksamzuro: to corrupt [to break together]
ksap: pitch
ksaril: to know
ksaril’lan: knowledge
ksarilvi: to understand [to know through]
ksnaha: to carve
ksnahasthulalan>ksnasthul’lan: history
ksno: to play [an instrument]
kso: bird
ksod: to appoint
ksore: hope
kspeilb: asp/viper
kspriba: to write
ksputho: foam
kstrada: to draw (a sword)
ksum: up
ksumasquor: to raise (a child) [to grow up]
ksumquab: to raise (to send up)
ksumtalanx: to climb [to jump up]
ksuntorno: to believe [to hold up]
kthi: fish

kumno: gentleman
kungis: cliff
kur: sky
kusu: to put
kusuvio: to expose [to put over]
laonza: lane/passage
laonzor: to allow/permit [passage+verbal conjugation]
lox: to speak
loxalan: language
lurzo: harp
lusu: work
lusugro: to utilize
lusogralan: utility
mbsara: sister
mbsoro: brother
migi: shit
monzalan: murder
monze: to kill
mpos: chair
mpurd: to play (a game)
mpurdalan: game
muno: to move
na: new
nado: number
nahisquili: to abandon
naho: to leave
nalo: to discover [to view new]
nan: year
naru: like
naxa: to leap
nda: ten
ndarm: hair
ndei: snow
ndra: to try
ndu: 12
ngatha: cliff
ngivalan: nature
ngivo: life
ngivor: to live
ngsi: flower
ninqua: cloud
nja: light
njalan: light
njaquer: lizard
njar: to lighten
njorb: blood
nkrakt: mouth
nqualan: choice
nqualanitaxumblan: sin [choice that serves evil]
nquo: to choose
nsquamu: flood
nstrala: mother
nstrolo: father
ntar…niru: as much…as
nulo: to breathe
nunquo: to lead
nzone: law
nzonor: to decree
Odangaquarndo: mosaic [of Muse]
oderg: to defend [to hit from]
oird: wine
olza: many
olzadunado: one billion [many two number]
olzalan: multitude
olzanado: one million [many number]
olzlaonza: labyrinth [many lane]
onaqua: mind
onuro: low (of birth)
oran: burden
orbo: to have
ormsquili: yonder [towards there]
oro: bear
orquo: horse
orz: hand
othromi: rat
oxporid: particularly [in this]
ozo: but
palzo: rock
pansquili: to exist [is there]
parndozing: machine [living iron]
parndozo: iron
peilng: master/lord
peilngor: to rule
penx: sheep
pinz: gold
plan: ear
plaqualan: cover
plaqui: to hide
plololng: pouch
plor: between
plorwe: each other
pnaso: goat
pnolngi: flute/trumpet
pol: boy
polta: to ascend
potson: to be ambitious/to ascend with a dream
potsonalan: ambition
psoas: to own
psoasalan: ownership
pulnga: to clean
pzadi: to banish
pzar: fruit
quab: to send
quabalan: message
quad: when
qualos: dale
quamasi: kind
quan: dear
quar: who
quasaha: dove
quathi: bread
quera: why
quez: daughter
quithri: five
quobol: coal
-ra: again
raka: eye
ranada: to think
randi: around
rarna: horn
rax: throat
remud: to cry
remudalan: lament
ri: three
rid: this
rinda: thirty
rinzala: island
rod: people
rodsen: common [people-born]
romo: house
rongsitasanglor: fort/castle
rongso: villa [living house]
rowo: home
sadso: to train
sadsogro: to enforce [a custom]
sadsogralan: custom [state of training with]
sanglo: army
sanglor: to assemble an army
sas: under
sasaxor: to choke/suffocate [under throat]
sastorno: to sustain [to hold under]
saza: grass
sazor: to graze
ser: earth/world
sgumblan: great evil
silng: glory/victory
ska: about
skihan: giant
so: go
solngo: health
sonko: amount
sono: old
squimpos: throne
squinsquamu: deluge
squirongso: palace [great house that lives]
squirongsogrolzlaombsa: maze-palace [palace with many lanes]
than: to dream
thanalan: a dream
sthalti: to obey
stham: neck
sthaque: moon
sthongan: family
sthul: far
sudar: wonder
sudarlan: miracle
suha: above
suhomno: particularly [above all]
talanx: to jump
tanquarls: god
taon: time
thaflibi: tale
thal: four
thalto: ford
tham: for
thanqua: field
thib: food
thrab: free
thraze: fire
tingvor: to play (as a play actor)
tomo: mountain
torno: to hold
tornothamo: to possess [to hold for]
tornspo: to practice [to hold in]
twe: thing [it itself]
ud: west
uflaquos: spider
-ulb: color
ulnox: babe
ultzo: star
umblan: evil [state of no goodness]
umpelndo: great-grandson
umpelng: nephew/grandson
una: wool
unan: to come
undafulto: falsehood
undagora: lost [no return]
undorbo: to fail [to not have]
undoxpo: outside [not in]
ungivi: to die
unguho: coward
unguhor: to cower
ungvilan: corpse/death
urat: spear
urgu: hill
uroho: to hunt/pursue/find
uso: one
usonzo: to command
usquo: wolf
uza: water
vanza: young
vanzana: maid [young woman]
wong: land/continent
yanarlan: beauty
yanaro: to beautify
yanda: shield
yanqua: tree
yanti: love [intimate/lustful]
yantor: to love lustfully
yolbsoi: crow
yurng: word
yurngwe: name [self-word]
yurngwornzo: brand [to name on]
za: and
zahed: cave
zal: to taste
zei: day
zivin: any
zodo: to ask
zoldan: question
zolng: olive
zomno: all
zorqua: body
zoso: to rot
zu: or
zuro: to break