Aer: Memories of Old | HDW Video Game Review

This game has plenty of potential, yet it hasn’t flown even close to the sun.


AER: Memories of Old_20210302124247

The gameplay is very simple. There is no fighting involved, rather it involves dungeon-based puzzles.

However, I did not see the point of the smaller sky islands in this game. In other video games, they would typically be the spots where a special item is located. Though there are no special items in this game.


AER: Memories of Old_20210301142246

The graphics are quite solid. Though I did find it weird that all of the characters have no faces. I know that would be the aesthetic style of the graphics, however even old, retro games had characters with faces.

Musical Score

AER: Memories of Old_20210301141455

I thought that the musical score resembled the ones from movies from the ’80s-’90s when evoking a discovering mood.


AER: Memories of Old_20210301142619

You play as Auk, who transforms herself into a bird and flies to any of the sky-islands. She is needed to close the Rift, and so she has to surround herself with the ones who know how to seal the Rift. They come in the form of animals, such as the fox and the bear.

What I found most interesting is the remnants of the human civilizations before the world split into sky-islands. They can only be seen with the lantern–as shown in the image above. They reveal the human tragedy of human hubris being their own undoing. They provided far more personality than the living characters I interact with.


AER: Memories of Old_20210223171220

While the game is itself quite simple, there is an in-depth lore in such a game. It takes place in a world which had become split apart and a girl named Auk, who takes the form of a bird, must seal the Rift in order to stop the evil from consuming the rest of human civilization.

Recommend This To…

AER: Memories of Old_20210301140654
  • I COULD suggest this to anyone just starting with indie games. However, I do think that the price is too high for a game as simple as this at $14.99.


Aer: Memories of Old. Daedalic Entertainment. 2017.

Image Attribution: Micky Milkyway

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