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Bono veinoblonal. Veinoblovenu vidu moiBlogon momentonpor.


Hello all. Come see my blog for a moment.


What is this site about?

This is my blog where I review and provide analyses on books, films, and music. There is also a special focus on conlangs, which is especially relevant in the site name and theme aesthetics.

My Background

I have a B.A. in English with History Minor from Monmouth University. I am currently pursuing my M.A. in English. I have experience as editor for my colleges’ literary magazines and as a content creator for Odyssey where I wrote up to 100 articles. I also offer freelance services in writing, editing, and book recommendation.

As Far As “AIM REviews”

Prior to March 2021, A. I. Mommith was my pseudonym for any fantasy, science fiction, and other speculative fiction works. A. and I. were abbreviations for Abraham Isaac; while Mommith [MAW-mihth] is the contraction of Monmouth, which is the county I come from and the university that is my alma mater. You will notice that there are reviews with the title “AIM Review,” this refers to this pseudonym specifically. I used this pseudonym because my real name is very common and can be difficult to distinguish between myself and others with the same name.

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